The Project


The Community of the “Mediterranea” University includes disabled students (round 200) and personnel (source: Disability Services Office).

A better promotion of really equal treatment for all persons with disabilities can facilitate their effective education and employability. Besides, commitment to remove all the physical and social barriers that hinder the equal enjoyment of all educational rights for them, is key.

The most suitable strategy should envisage not only individual career guidance and inclusive development programmes, but also peer counselling thanks to which disabled students can exchange ideas with other people, even university personnel, who have experienced similar difficulties; furthermore, the accurate monitoring of their request can lead to the design of more sensible operation plans.

The Departments, the Chairs, and the Disability Services Office have to cooperate adopting working procedures inspired by inclusion in order to improve their offer and draw up a Disability Inclusion Programme (DIP).

Exercising the right of citizenship in Reggio Calabria metropolitan area is difficult. The quantitative and qualitative assessment of the enjoyment of Human Rights for persons with disabilities, ten years after the signing of the Convention (UNCRPD) in New York in 2006 (see Italian Act, March 3, 2009, n. 18), is the first step towards the identification of the most suitable empowerment strategies and the improvement of social infrastructure aimed at fostering the development of the local community which is increasingly involved in Mediterranean social and economic processes.


The “Mediterranea” University should seek to provide increasingly reasonable adjustments to enable inclusive development and equal participation in university life especially through peer counselling.

Three main objectives are identified:

1st level: persons with disabilities (see a,b, and c)

2nd level: the “Mediterranea” University (see d and e)

3rd level: the external context (see f).


  1. To improve performance and study skills for students with disabilities

  2. as a result, to enhance employability of students with disabilities;

  3. to pursue the accessibility issue within the “Mediterranea” University

  4. to identify the needs of the persons with disabilities at the “Mediterranea” University;

  5. to implement a programme of Inclusive Development within the “Mediterranea” University;

  6. to establish an Observatory on Disabilities in the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria at the “Mediterranea” University.


Counselling and support

Observatory on Disabilities in Reggio Calabria


Inclusive Development Programme


  • Support for the improvement of the academic performance

  • Problem mapping

  • An Inclusion Programme of the Mediterranea” University

  • A better inclusive education system within the “Mediterranea” University

  • An Observatory on Disabilities in Reggio Calabria metropolitan area

  • Transferable reports and research works